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Why m3?

M3 is a new project, it has been launched on the 1st of May 2011. Nut it was created by the team of specialists working in EER area - delivery, customs clearance – since 2005.  Our main specialization is import and customs clearance of different consignments on the territory of Ukraine.

In the first place we have responsible fulfillment of declared commitments while working with you.  We do not undertake to import ALL possible cargos. We undertake only that work we are able to do.

Our project was about to happen in the beginning of 2010, after I was asked to deliver DVD (CD) plastic boxes, in small amount – about 6cbm, 200 kg and with price about 1000 USD. The destination was Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. I, as import specialist, have decided to divide this work into 2 phases – to deliver to Dnepropetrovsk and to carry out customs clearance in Dnepropetrovsk ( in the importer registration location). I  turned to different Companies dealing with consolidated shipments delivery and got the delivery cost from China to Dnepropetrovsk which was not less than 220$ per m3.

Why so expensive? Everything is simple.  If one decides to deliver small shipment separately, so they bear many and small costs as it may seem first, which do not depend on the consignment volume – like agents services, works in port, delivery by truck to customs destination under customs control. But delivery cost from port in China to port in Ukraine (for example, Odesssa) in general consolidated container (called LCL) is about 100 USD. But delivery of my small cargo from China to Dnepropetrovsk with all  burden charges was 220USD per m3 instead of 100USD 

My second problem with these boxes was vague delivery time. The majority of the companies deliver your cargo as the container is being filled and that is why the time is “a little” obscure. As a rule, the declared period is from 45 days, and until what is not known.

But that was not the end:  having arrived to Odessa, the transporter could not get my container to deliver it to Dnepropetrovsk; the reason is one of many consignees has not sent the documents to the port yet, and that is why the port could not give the container for further procedures. In such way two weeks have passed.

And the cargo is in Dnepropetrovsk already. But another disadvantage has emerged, small cargos customs clearance – constant expenses while customs procedures, which do not depended on consignment size? And namely – customs clearance zone payment, customs broker fee for documents applying to customs(although we have our own brokers, but fare and salaries must be paid), permission letter receiving in certification body, total another  obscure figure (about 300$) has been added to customs payments (about 500$).

Total my delivery cost me about 1320$+payments and charges about 800$. For those who prefer to combine delivery cost and customs clearance cost and then see total sum for meter cubic – everything cost 353$ per m3.

Now, having used my service in general order, I would receive the value of all expenses to deliver and customs clear this consignment of plastic boxes – 272$ per m3.

So, having felt all problem of  separate small consignment import, we have come to decision and creates service, which provides for solutions of all above mentioned problems:

1. Delivery period – does not depend on filling, we deliver container from China not later than every two weeks. That leads to maximum delivery period of 55 days. We respond in a flexible way to the problem of busy Ukrainian ports and to avoid delays, we deliver our containers to European ports with further transportation to Ukraine. If there is cargo difficult to be customs cleared, first of all we make partial customs clearance of more simple cargos to avoid delays.

2. Delivery cost reducing – we deliver whole container for one consignee with further giving to main customers. That allows to pay all constant expenses one time, not from every small consignment. The delivery cost includes already broker services cost. We divide all constant expenses to all participants, thus achieving delivery and customs clearance costs saving.

3. We fix delivery and customs clearance costs being at the bank. 

4. Our service is absolutely legitimate, we pay all necessary customs payments.

Our service works for Your maximum comfort and convenience, allowing to save essential means. We are constantly improving our service. Having met the problem, we analyze it and make it work for us and You.

We would be glad to be helpful for You.