Доставка из Китая в Украину

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LCL cargo delivery from China to Ukraine customs clearance C

M3cargo – we can make a contract with Chinese shippers, deliver from China, provide customs formalities and send to your warehouse.


Your shipper sends cargoes to M3cargo agent in China. Once a week we load all cargoes into containers and ship out to Dnipropetrovsk directly. Cargoes go through customs clearance, unloaded at the warehouse and then sent to you.


Why M3cargo?

Our service is cost-effective delivery of cargoes from China; we cut off the rest in order to be ahead of the game. Our rates are formed before shipping of the cargo on “all inclusive” principle before loading into our consolidated container. This rate will not be the subject of change; it is fixed for your specific order.  Container disembody takes place in Dnipropetrovsk, not in Odessa. We can provide customs clearance of your cargoes. Average delivery time – 47 days.


Rate range?

Average delivery rate - USD 200/м3 plus customs fees which depend on the product (price, quantity, designation). Approximate custom fees you can study here.