Доставка из Китая в Украину

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Container delivery

M3 Company makes consolidated cargos delivery from China to Ukraine, which performs with help of container transportation.

Container delivery is a system of module loading and cargos transporting, using standard module containers.

Containers have standard sizes and are easily being transported with any transport means that makes them irreplaceable while intermodule deliveries.

Container delivers provide safety of the cargo: container is sealed in the presence of Client and in their presence or in presence of Client’s representative it is unsealed in final destination. Cargos insurance may help avoid losses from any unexpected situation while transporting.

Sea deliveries…

More than 80% of world cargos transportations are made via sea transport – as a rule, via container ship with different displacement. Exactly sea deliveries allow to deliver Your cargo with maximum safety, and what is very important – at low prices. Goods delivery from China to Ukraine is made by our Company exactly this way.

Vehicle deliveries

Cargos deliveries by vehicles are the easiest and fastest way of cargo delivery by land, which is differs with control simplicity, cost-saving, and also flexibility of route planning and schedule movement. 

Railway deliveries

Cargos railway delivers are the cheapest and safest way of delivery be land. Containers delivery ismade by using covered carriages and gondola cars.

Depending on the cargo peculiarity, different container types are to be used:

20’, 40’, 40’High Cube, refrigerator containers, Open Top, Flat Rack