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Customs clearance

Customs procedure (customs clearance, entering goods) – is performing range of necessary formalities which arise when goods and transport means are crossing the customs border, and also when customs regime is changing.

Well-timed and correct customs clearance of Your cargos has no less importance for international delivery, than transportation does. M3 experts know all details of international and domestic customs legislation and perform competent customs clearance of Your cargos, having made it fast and professionally.

Customs clearance includes:

Applying to customs body shipping, authorizing documents, customs declaration and declared goods, and also applying customs payments.

Customs clearance is necessary condition while crossing customs border, or while customs regime changing.

The term customs clearance is more often applying when importing (bringing in) goods.

Usual customs clearance may be performed either by the goods owner themselves or by customs broker – organization. Which performs declaring and clearing goods on the basis of the Agreement. 

In CIS countries when goods cross the border, there is used goods classifier CNEER (commodity nomenclature of external economic relations)

To perform customs control and customs clearance persons who bring in goods are to give to the customs bodies all necessary documents and data.

Specific documents list, necessary for customs clearance depends on direction (import or export),aim of crossing goods customs border, transportation conditions, payments type between the partners, chosen customs regime, and also specific goods code according to Commodity nomenclature of external economic relations in CIS countries and connected limitations.

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