Доставка из Китая в Украину

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Consolidated cargos from China to Ukraine


If you need to deliver a small consignment from China to Ukraine you can save money if you use M3cargo LCL cargoes delivery service. We can organize delivery and customs processing of consolidated cargoes starting with 1 cubic meter from any part of China. The cargo is delivered to the nearest consolidation warehouses – in Guangzhou or Ningbo. It can be arranged by our employees, by yourself or by your shipper. Than your cargo is shipped out to Ukraine as a part of our consolidated container.

Now it takes 1-2 weeks to form one consolidated container.

LCL cargo is a combination of cargoes for different clients, it is transported in one container, by one route, by one carrier. LCL cargoes delivery service is necessary for those entrepreneurs and companies whose business activity aligned with delivery of assorted products in small batches. This service is interesting both for regular shipping schedule and for single shipments of small cargoes.

Depending on our clients’ requirements to delivery terms, we plan optimal delivery route. After delivering the cargoes to Ukraine and customs processing we are ready to give the cargoes to the clients.

LCL cargoes delivery service gives broad latitude for business activities. Some businessmen work with relatively small cargoes, others are interested to make a trial purchase in order to estimate the profitability of dealings with definite product. M3cargo can offer low-cost and suitable delivery service for your cargoes.