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Q: What is your company?

A: The main direction of M3 is delivery of small (consolidated) consignments from China at minimal fixed price – 200$ per 1m3 to Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev with further customs clearance in fixed terms. Delivery time is no more than 55 days.

Q: How much does cargo delivery from China cost?

A: Approximately $200 per 1 cbm. If weight of your cargo is more than 800 kgs in one cbm, so the delivery cost will be calculated as $200 per every 800 kgs from our warehouse in China (Guangzhou) to our warehouse in Dnepropetrovsk or Kiev.

Q: How much does cargo delivery and customs processing from China cost?

A: Delivery charge will be the same - $200 per 1 cbm of cargo. Customs processing cost is individual for each cargo. Our rates statistics you can study at the Rates statistics section. These rates include delivery charge plus customs fee (VAT + customs tariff) and expenses for nontariff regulations.

Q: Which documents do you need to calculate costs?

A: Packing List, Invoice, detailed product description.

Q: In what currency shall we pay for Your services?

A: The payment has to be effected in UAH at the rate of NBU on the payment day.

Q: Payment form?

A: Bank transfer to our account (we do not accept cash)

Q: At what moment do we have to pay your services?

A: 70% has to be paid upon cargo arrival to Ukraine, and 30% has to be paid before receiving of cargo.

Q: Will you be able just to deliver goods, and the customs clearance will be performed by us?

A: We can provide only delivery service for your cargoes. More information you can find in the LCL cargoes delivery service  section.

Q: What do we need to start work with you?

A: Fill out our application form, agree the cost, and sign the contract with us.

Q: How do you provide the service in China?

A: We give you the address and contact details of our warehouse and agent. After that you supplier contacts our agent in China and transfers the cargo to our agent. 

Q: Can you calculate the cost without goods value?

A: We may calculate the cost, only if the goods are free of charge, but declaring the products cost is desirable.

Q: In this case what value will be taxes paid from?

A: From the value of similar goods at the Chinese market and confirmed by tariffs departments of Ukrainian customs office.

Q: How rates are formed?

A: The rates consists of three parts: 1) delivery charge 2) customs payments (duty + VAT) 3) non-tariff regulation (Sanitary-Epidemiological Station, Certification Bodies, Phytosanitary Control Bodies licenses)

Q: Are you able to deliver any cargo?

A: No. We do not work with goods from 1 to 24 groups in accordance with UCCFAA (Ukrainian Commodity Classification for Foreign Economic Activity). This is everything concerning foodstuff. There are some exceptions in other classification groups, but we would be able to give the final confirmation after filling out the application form. More details concerning the products we do not accept for delivery you can find in the Help section of our web-site – Cargoes we do not accept for transportation.