Cargo from China to Ukraine
906 Deals
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12938 Completed transactions
for all time
Cargo from China to Ukraine
Cargo from China to Ukraine
12938 Completed transactions
for all time
906 Deals
in work

We deliver groupage cargo from China to Ukraine to representatives for small and medium-sized businesses: shops, industries, beauty salons, restaurants, gyms and factories.

Our clients develop their business without thinking about customs and logistical difficulties. We take care of all the worries: from finding a supplier in China to shipping goods in Ukraine.

We fix the delivery price before the start of work, we guarantee with money the safety of your cargo on the way and delivery time.

The way if your cargo together with M3Cargo
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Turnkey delivery from China to Ukraine

Bring goods from China safely and profitably

Order lots of any size

According to groupage cargo, you pay only for the quantity of your consignment, and not for the whole container.

Get a fixed shipping cost

The price does not contain hidden fees and will not change in the course of work

We guarantee the terms and safety of the cargo with money

We pay every day of delay and reimburse the cost of the damaged goods

Customer responds

Customer responds and recommendations

Tetiana Demchenko
4 March 2022

The company you can trust. Thanks to!

Pol Ssss
1 March 2022

I want to note the quality work of Kirill, the Chinese supplier search manager.

Despite the fact that I did not become a client, I am grateful for the time and diligence spent on me. Cyril constantly kept in touch with me, informed me about the results and was always polite and attentive to my requests. Even when I reported that I had found a better deal in Ukraine, Kirill continued to be polite to me. He even said thank you for letting me know. It is very pleasing that Cyril follows the biblical advice: "Take care not only of your own interests, but also of the interests of others", which is recorded in Philippians 2:4

Alina Kyselova
15 December 2021

Quality work on time. I would especially like to single out Sasha Kuznetsov - a responsible and sociable manager, who is in touch even at night, helps to find a convenient solution. Recommended!

Ilona Moon
14 July 2021

I recommend this company. Manager Bogdan is a responsible, pleasant person. At the moment, there are no complaints.

Michael Muhin
31 May 2021

I have been working with M3Cargo for two years and during this time the service is 5 + Delivery in the specified time, the price is the best in Ukraine, convenient container tracking through the app on the phone! Special thanks to Bogdan, for always being in touch and quick calculation of the cost of cargo! I recommend M3Cargo as a reliable companion!!!

Nick Bonn
23 April 2021

Everything is clear! No fuss ... I recommend, Kuznetsov respect

Ernest Torma
19 April 2021

Recommend. Polite and responsive managers will tell you everything from A to Z. They brought everything in excellent condition, made it on time (only a couple of days were detained at customs). Service for 4.5 out of 5!

Kirill Chehlatiy
29 March 2021

recommend! great service!

Nata Krisovskaya
18 February 2021

For the first time I was carrying the goods, I used the service of the M3Cargo company. There were a lot of incomprehensible and doubts. But all was dispelled by the pleasant work with the manager Evgenia Lysenkova. She accompanied at all stages, professional advice, prompt work. Thank you! Thanks to the company for cooperation and quality service. I recommend everyone to work with M3Cargo.

Alexandr Sudoplatov
31 January 2021

I work with a manager named Oleg. all good. adequate, responsible manager. helps us deliver the goods at a good price. answers all questions and is always in touch. thank him for that.

How we work

It is important for us that the business of clients develops. We offer official and favorable conditions for cooperation with China.

We accompany you at every stage: we help to choose a reliable supplier, check the products before shipping, deliver the goods by sea and carry out customs clearance in Ukraine. Your personal manager is always in touch!

Сервис доставки из Китая в Украину