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How to find a supplier in China

We analyze the market - searching the goods by the given price and quality parameters. Supplier’s selection of the most favourable partnership terms.
What to consider before looking for a Chinese supplier.

If you come up with the idea of manufacturing your own product or selling a finished product - finding a supplier in China is a good strategy. It is well-known that the cost of product development and production is low in there. Finding a capable and reliable supplier that meets your specific needs and has a strong will to deal with you is a priority for your business success. The difficulty with self web-research is that you can find tons of Chinese suppliers and manufacturers, but you won't be sure about their reliability. This negates all the effort and time you have spent. Disappointment always comes because you have been communicating with Chinese suppliers for months, but are unable to move forward. And the reason is often you didn't find the right one at the very beginning.

What are the risks when finding suppliers yourself.

Choosing a product and finding a highly reputable manufacturer or distributor in China are the key steps in running your business. The main risk is to start a deal with a dishonest company or get caught in the fraud. Overpricing or artificially lowering prices for the sake of cheating, defective goods, re-sorting, and failure to fulfill a prepaid order are frequent situations in partnership with China.

To avoid becoming a victim of machinations by Chinese companies, we control all suppliers for reliability. After their reputation is checked, we start negotiations and request price calculation for different volumes of purchases.

To get you a pool of the best suppliers, we order samples, compare the quality of different manufacturers and prepare to report on each one.

Differences in business culture might cause confusion when you look for a supplier in China.

Language barriers and differences in business culture can lead to confusion when looking for a supplier in China. Values and culture in China are completely different from those in the West, and the contrast can be seen literally in everything. Trust, respect, eye contact and attention to negotiations are all the ways to forming strong business relationships with Chinese suppliers. If everything is done right - factories in China become more responsive to your requests, and offer you more advantageous payment terms and prices, and will be more accommodating in solving any problems.

The only thing that unites you and a Chinese product supplier is the will to get financial benefits. If you succeed in negotiating around a common goal, the money will become a universal language that is easy to understand in any country of the world.

Attending trade shows/trade fairs to find your suppliers.

When you visit trade shows (and fairs), you can talk face-to-face with potential suppliers about their corporate values, their products, manufacturing and quality control procedures, check their statutory documents, visit their factory or warehouse, etc.

Direct communication with potential suppliers allows you to consider their capabilities in detail and to make sure that you are dealing with a product supplier in China you can trust.

There are many exhibitions in China every year, the most popular of which, Canton Fair, gathers about one million visitors from all over the world. It's easy to get inspired and become a business tourist, but very unlikely that you will be able to get around 1.17 million m2 and choose the best from 150 000 offers.

If you have already decided with the goods - better come to China with full price calculation, complete picture of the offers, and list of suppliers you want to meet with and understanding what price you want to get in the result. The most efficiently is to discuss product requirements in person, negotiate and arrange details of the deal, and, ideally, to visit the manufacture. Otherwise, you can come back from a trip with nothing, having spent a lot of money on a flight, an interpreter and a living. Or make a deal on goods that eventually turn out to be uncompetitive or disadvantageous to purchase compared with the others.

Outsource to a sourcing agency.

You don't have to use resources for finding your Chinese supplier, checking documents, and so on - save your valuable time effectively and delegate outsourcing to professionals!

In planning to sell goods from China or to exploit them in Ukraine is important to work with a supplier who will not cheat your expectations. And first of all, you need to know what criteria to look out for the best search result. Over the years of work with China, M3Cargo service has created its network of trusted agents who speak English and Chinese, are skilled in finding the best delivery options for the customers' requests and visit factories for inspection.

M3Cargo's Foreign Economic Activity Department consists of 6 experts who will assist in such matters as finding the required goods, the initial selection of supplier companies, getting in touch with manufacturers, checking the reputation in the market and arranging negotiations. By outsourcing FEA, you optimize costs and logistics, increase profits and speed up turnover without expanding your company's staff. You get a professional team - outsourced FEA department and save your time and money.

    We are able to set up a turnkey business partnership with a Chinese supplier and help you be partnered with Chinese manufacturers. Start with the " find a supplier in China" service and get :

  • selection of the manufacture;
  • direct negotiations;
  • professional inspection of the Chinese manufacturer's business: product quality, documents, technical characteristics of goods and their range;
  • legal assistance in contract verification;
  • price negotiation and payment assistance;
  • shipping organization.