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About company

Importing features

М3Cargo is a partner in foreign economic activity for manufacturing and trading companies. We develop the capabilities of small and medium-sized businesses by safely purchasing goods, raw materials and equipment in China, using our delivery service to Europe. We help to open new business areas, conduct a procurement audit, reduce the cost of goods by direct purchase without intermediaries, partner participation and investing in clients' business

History of creation

M3Cargo is a team of specialists that has been dealing with delivery and customs clearance since 2005. The service was launched in 2011, after having experienced all the problems of import. We realized that they needed to be solved and asked ourselves the question: "Who, if not us?"

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We provide solutions for international logistics, contributing to the success and development of entrepreneurship

More about it

More than 40 people from China and Europe participate in the service.

More about it

The M3Cargo service develops through the personal growth of each employee. Become part of our team, we will grow together

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The M3Cargo service is not just a job for us

This is the life we live every day: we embody our ideas, rejoice at the goals achieved and analyze mistakes.

Optimal terms, cost, loyalty to the client - this is not what we want to stand out with. This is what every default business should have.

Our goal is to make the service convenient and useful, regardless of the level of business, type of business and volume of cargo. We value our name and our partners.

Friends, let's cooperate, develop and make discoveries together!