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Purchase of goods

In the process of negotiations, placing an order and signing a contract, your interests are fully represented by the foreign economic department of M3Cargo.
What is this service and how is it carried out?

You do not need to negotiate a price reduction and negotiate with manufacturers, our experts will take care of this. We will be able to simultaneously trade and discuss the terms of cooperation with several suppliers, who were selected as a result of market monitoring.

The service includes support before the start of production: making the necessary payments in China, agreeing on the price and quantity of goods, materials, technical features, additional equipment, etc. We also check the registration of the supplier, visit the production or warehouse, order and study samples of the goods.

Why is this service beneficial to me?

By entrusting the task of finding suppliers in China to the foreign trade department of M3Cargo, you will receive:

The ability to remotely order goods without risks

We will perform all the work on a turnkey basis that concerns cooperation with your foreign suppliers. Including legal: we will negotiate, place an order and draw up legally competent contracts. If necessary, we will check the registration of the supplier, visit the production site, order product samples and make payments in China. Thanks to our experience of contractual relations with Chinese suppliers, you will get a quick and high-quality result.

More chances to lower the price in the negotiation process and conclude a profitable deal

Many entrepreneurs are hesitant to start a business with China - the leader in the export of goods to all parts of the world. Doubts about bargaining ability, fear of purchasing low-quality goods and losing money, lack of experience in importing goods interfere. The specialists of the foreign economic department of M3Cargo will do everything for you: they will find reliable suppliers, represent your interests in the Middle Kingdom, negotiate and achieve favorable terms of the transaction.

Ability not to participate in the process of placing an order and signing a contract

You don't have to waste time on documentation, negotiations and worry so as not to forget anything. As your representative in China, M3Cargo will complete the bulk purchase deal. You will only communicate with one person who leads a team of specialists in procurement, quality control and finance. He will agree with you on all aspects of the transaction personally. You will have time for marketing and finding new sales channels.

Which suppliers are participating in the tender? How do you find them?

We are negotiating with the suppliers you provide or we will find them for you ourselves. We recommend starting with 10 supplier suggestions and ordering an in-depth supplier search through M3Cargo. Only a detailed study of proposals will help determine the average market price and select suppliers with the best combinations of the parameters "price", "product quality" and "good reputation".

Can I get samples of the goods before signing the purchase and delivery contract?

Yes, it is possible. But more often than not, our representatives in China analyze samples. They provide a detailed report with photos and videos.

What is the standard payment terms in China?

We make 30% of the advance payment to the supplier before the start of production and 70% - after the inspection of the cargo, before loading into the container.

Does the service include quality inspection, shipment of goods and delivery to Ukraine?

These options are not included in the purchase price of the goods. To receive a range of services, including the purchase of goods, inspection of the quality of cargo before loading into a container, shipment and delivery, order the foreign economic activity service outsourced.

How long it will take to find suppliers?

It depends on the complexity of the product and the specification of the search. If the product is distributed in the Chinese market, you will receive an offer from suppliers within 1-3 days. If the product is rare, it will take time to find suitable suppliers.

What risks does M3Cargo share if the order is not fulfilled?

M3Cargo is responsible for the supplier with whom we have agreed to purchase goods for you. If, after making an advance payment, the order is not completed, you will receive your money back.

What documents will I receive?

You will receive all documents accompanying the transaction. At the purchase stage, this is a contract, an invoice and confirmation of the transfer of an advance payment.