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Lending a deal

We have developed a special loyalty program, in which we offer short-term lending to the transaction until the delivery of the goods to the warehouse in Ukraine (period of 50-60 days)
What is this service?

You can get short-term loans until the delivery of the goods to the warehouse in Ukraine. You make an advance payment to the Chinese partner at the stage of signing the contract in the amount of 30-40%, and we credit the rest of the amount and close the deal with the Chinese partner.

What will lending a deal from M3Cargo give me?

The ability not to freeze funds until the arrival of the goods in Ukraine and receive a deferred payment.

If you do not want to freeze money before the cargo arrives in Ukraine, it is beneficial to get short-term loans. You will also receive a deferred payment, which corresponds to the time of delivery of goods from China by sea, that is, for 50-60 days. It is convenient to use a short-term loan to order a larger batch in time.

Confidence in the success of the transaction

By offering such conditions, we show the maximum interest in the success of the transaction and share the risks with the client.

Do you provide long-term lending?

Yes. Upon arrival of the cargo in Ukraine, you can pay for the cargo in parts. Unpaid goods will act as a pledge and will be in our warehouse until the loan is returned.