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Cost reduction

There is nowhere else to reduce the cost without losing quality, but you still don’t work with China?
What is the cost reduction?

Practice shows that direct deliveries from a manufacturer from China, bypassing intermediaries, will allow you to save money. At the same time, there is no need to increase the staff, complicate business processes or invent new methods. You reduce the cost of purchasing goods and reduce the cost.

The correct choice of the seller, type of transportation, carrier and customs broker can reduce the cost by up to 30-40%. Business with China can be transparent and more profitable. M3Cargo specialists will show you the ways to do this.

Why should I work with M3Cargo?

    When you work with China, you may have such concerns:

  • if I buy cheaper, I can’t be sure of the quality of the goods;
  • the reliability of the supplier is unknown to me, which means that the security of the transaction is at risk;
  • I don’t understand anything about shipping and customs clearance;
  • there is no foreign trade specialist in my company;
  • I am concerned about the safety of the goods during transportation.

Dispelling such doubts in practice is the daily task of M3Cargo specialists. To do this, we have effective methods.

From M3Cargo you get a money guarantee that the quality of the goods will correspond to the declared one.

    The main advantages of entering the international market:

  • Direct purchases will optimize your budget. You will exclude an intermediary, and sometimes even more than one. This means that the cost of your goods will decrease by the amount of intermediary services.
  • There is an advantage of choice: the range of Chinese manufacturers is much larger than what local wholesalers offer you.
  • You will stay on top of the latest technology and know about new products before the competition.

For more than 8 years we have been working with entrepreneurs and have completed more than 6 thousand orders. Each of the clients increased their profits thanks to our cooperation.

    How does this service work?

  1. You tell the manager which goods you want to buy cheaper in China.
  2. Then, if you want to make sure the product meets your requirements and check the quality, M3Cargo will carry out a factory inspection.
  3. We will organize the delivery of cargo to one of our warehouses in China for loading into a container (for a large batch, we will immediately deliver the container for loading to the factory). All stages will be accompanied by informational reports with photos from our manager.
  4. After the cargo arrives in Ukraine, M3Cargo customs specialists will carry out customs clearance.
  5. We will deliver the goods to your warehouse.
  6. From M3Cargo you get a money guarantee that the quality of the goods will correspond to the declared one.

To find out how much the cost of your goods will decrease when working with M3Cargo, contact our manager and let us know what goods you want to order in China. We will prepare a calculation for you.