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Custom clearence

We make the customs clearance for over 1000 cargoes annually. 75% of it are from China, and 25% - are from Korea, Taiwan, Europe.
What is customs clearance?

International trade process can’t exist without crossing borders. That means that you have know how to move your goods from one country to another. And, of course, if you are Buyer of the goods, you have to know import regulations. In order to enter the territory of Ukraine all cargoes must pass the customs clearance.

Import tariff rate includes customs fees, VAT, that are calculated from declared value of commodities.

Importer must provide commercial invoice, packing list, Bill of Lading (B/L), these docs are main clearance documents. But the broker may ask for certificates, or samples to prove that cargo corresponds to declared one. All the goods must be declared, every single item should be shown in customs declaration. there are many cargoes from all over the world in shipment practice, such as: cars, auto spare parts, equipment and production lines, sanitary ware, toys, furniture and many others.

What customs clearance services for goods from China are provided?

    To provide the full range logistics we prepared customs brokerage services:

  1. Cost calculations of customs formalities for your goods
  2. We provide consulting services
  3. Passing import and export customs clearance
  4. Providing transit operations
  5. We make the preliminary declarations
  6. Accepting the certificates for goods and other services.

Can I make customs clearance without customs broker?

In order to pass customs formalities fast and calmly you need to have a high level of qualification. Sometimes Ukrainian legislation looks like a great challenge, that is not easy for businessmen. You need to know the customs clearance procedures and understand all issues in this field. This is not a big deal for a professional broker, but if you decide to do it having no experience, customs formalities may take a very long time.

Our specialists can make this for you, and guarantee to perform it just in time.

What is the cost of customs clearance by M3Cargo?

We provide complex of logistics and customs broker service, to get a quotation, please contact our specialists. M3Cargo provides the turnkey sea shipment, that includes all customs clearance issues.