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Start Import Business from China to Europe

China is the largest country that people in Europe import from. Don't hesitate to contact us to know more about your StartUp Import Business with China.

Today China is a global partner, many countries and millions of companies are building their working process with China today. Students order cases for their cell-phones, Apple Inc place its production factories there.
New business ideas appear every day.
When you buy your goods in China directly, you may save your money because the net cost may be less for 25%. The actual amount of your discount varies depending on cargo type.
Together with M3Cargo you can open up your new business opportunities. We offer services that you will need to arrange shipments from China. We guarantee the quality of products and terms of delivery, and we guarantee this by our own money. All goods importing to Europe are passing customs clearance.

An Introduction to Importing from China to Europe

While working with China you have to find the Suppliers, control the producing service, arrange logistics and control your shipment, you may need to make the inspection and control warehouses in China and Europe.
You can start importing from China at every moment.
When you know what you want, what cargo you are going to buy in China and import to Europe, you already have a business plan, and you have business startup costs, then you are ready for running a business.
International relationships, of course, require from entrepreneurs more skills and knowledges: incoterms, international and European regulations, traditions and issues of negotiation process with Chinese people, abroad payment rules, etc.
But at the same time you can involve a trusty partner such as M3Cargo to make your startup successful and concentrate on developing your business ideas.
Cheapest shipping from China to Europe is by sea. You can book the full container or just a part of it, depending on your order volume, measured in cubic meters. You are always free to choose if you pay your freight directly with shipping agents or carriers, or trust this process to M3Cargo. We provide Turnkey Sea Freight Shipping service from China.
Shipment from China to Europe takes from 45 to 60 days.
So, are you ready to get started a small import business from China?

Why should I start business and import from China to Europe?

China is a leader among world markets, and the biggest ecommerce market, there you can find anything for an easy start.
There are many online marketplaces where you can find and choose any product to open your first little shop, or
equipment to produce your own products, or you can pay your attention on accessories that will improve your
creations that you may be already sell.
The price is lower then if you buy the same on your home market, also you can find something special that nobody
else has already purchased.

What are the customs procedures if I have a small business from China to Europe?

Actually customs procedures either export or import are the same for big or small shipments.
To make export formalities Shipper has to provide invoice and packing list, and other documents specified for some goods. Also Shipper provides its export license.
After the goods are shipped you receive the Bill of Lading (transport document), and all these documents are needed for import customs clearance. Also you have to be accredited on Customs in Europe and have a right to perform international trading operations.
But if you are not the international trader and this is too difficult for a start, you can apply to M3Cargo and get the consultation or even trust your shipment to us, with no worries about annoying formalities.

5 Business Ideas to start Importing from China into Europe

You can start from a small business idea and develop it to a big company or even way of life. Here are our suggestions how you can make your first steps, importing from China:

  1. You can open an internet shop or a shop-page in Instagram or European marketplaces. In China you can find millions of different interesting products in any field of human life. Find your special one, or choose a number of products and create a specialized shop.
  2. If you want to open your own manufacture and purchase your own product, you may need the equipment. What if you buy laser-engraving equipment and make beautiful wood articles in your little garage.
  3. We declare that buying consumables in China you can decrease your net cost of ready products up to 25%. So your business can be more economically profitable for 25%. isn’t it a good reason?
  4. Today there is no deficit on European market, still you can find something special, some unique product that gives you super value and super profit. Of course, such product requires quick reaction, quick purchases, quick money. Short but brilliant)
  5. While surfing on Chinese market, communicating with suppliers, you get acquainted with the situation, prices and best-sellers. From this point you can start your consulting service, and help the newborn entrepreneurs to purchase and deliver goods to Europe.