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Outsourced foreign economic activity

International trade can be very profitable and become the basis of your capital if specialists are engaged in foreign economic activity
What is Outsourced Foreign Economic Activity (Foreign Economic Activity)?

Working with foreign suppliers, you definitely need people who will manage the foreign economic activities of your company. If importing or exporting is your main business, you will need your own professionals on staff who will be constantly loaded with work.

If you need to buy or sell goods abroad from time to time, it is too expensive to maintain a permanent foreign economic activity department. In such a situation, outsourcing comes to the rescue. By engaging third-party experts in the organization of international trade, you optimize the costs and logistics of the company, which means - increase profits and accelerate the turnover of funds. In Ukraine, you will find such specialists at M3Cargo. We provide procurement, transportation and customs clearance services.

What services can be entrusted to the "remote" foreign trade department?

    We will do all work “turnkey” related to cooperation with your foreign suppliers or buyers:

  • we will negotiate, draw up legally competent contracts;
  • calculate the preliminary cost of delivery of goods;
  • we will inspect the quality of goods;
  • we will control the entire delivery process;
  • we will draw up documents, prepare the necessary papers and permits for trade in imported goods in Ukraine;
  • we will carry out customs formalities.

You set a task for us - we offer a fast and cost-effective solution. The terms of cooperation directly depend on the country with which you work, on the specifics of the product and the amount of our assistance. We provide support to both large trade enterprises and start-up entrepreneurs with a small budget.

Why is outsourcing support more profitable than creating your own foreign economic activity department?

    If you are just starting international operations or do not often export / import goods, then by creating your own foreign economic activity department and training staff, you risk losing a lot of time and making mistakes that are costly. Transfer of foreign economic activity to outsourcing will save you from risks, from the need to expand your office and increase overhead costs. Moreover:

  • you receive your goods on time at the specified location. Don't worry about the delivery chain and customs clearance;
  • you only communicate with one person who leads a team of specialists. Professionals in procurement, quality control, logistics, finance and customs law are working on your task. You save your time, but at the same time you are aware of the details of the transportation;
  • you can focus on familiar processes and business development strategies. You will not need to be distracted by new tasks;
  • compliance with all the rules of the law of each country is guaranteed.

Any international operation consists of many nuances, because countries differ in legislation and mentality. By outsourcing foreign economic activity, you will take your business to a new level, optimize logistics and increase profits.

Outsourcing is common today. Companies come to this solution in order to optimize their budget. Not only services related to export or import, but also other areas of work are given to third-party specialists. For example, accounting, marketing, IT support.

How do you outsource foreign trade activities?

We provide consulting on foreign economic activity and support of all processes. Our agents negotiate with suppliers in China, conclude contracts, arrange delivery and customs clearance in Ukraine. During work, at any time you can contact your import specialist and control the process. By entrusting M3Cargo with outsourcing of foreign economic activity for international transport: delivery and customs clearance, you receive a full range of necessary services from making a purchase to receiving goods in Ukraine.

How much are the outsourced services of foreign economic activity specialists?

The cost of services depends on the characteristics of the cargo: size, volume, country of origin and transportation requirements. You can order a complex of foreign economic activity services or some of them selectively, for example, the assistance of a customs broker during registration. The amount of our assistance also affects the price.

To get an individual miscalculation, write to the chat, fill out an application or dial by phone. By contacting us, you will receive professional advice from an experienced specialist. We will help you find the best solution for you.