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Making payments

We will carry out all the necessary operations for the import of goods to Ukraine, including payment to a Chinese supplier
What is this service and what does it include?

    We conclude an agreement with a Chinese supplier for the purchase of your chosen product.

  • We submit to the bank an application for the purchase of foreign currency and carrying out foreign exchange transactions related to the settlement of foreign trade agreements;
  • We provide the bank with all the documents necessary for making payments to the Chinese supplier;
  • We pay to your supplier in China.

What do I get by trusting M3Cargo to process payments?

The ability to pay easily and without delays

Payment to non-residents of Ukraine on behalf of a legal entity is a capacious process that requires attention and careful preparation of documents. There is strict currency control in Ukraine. If you are not engaged in foreign trade operations on an ongoing basis, difficulties may arise in the process. Their decision will delay the deal with the Chinese supplier. Having entrusted this procedure to us, this will not happen.

You will free yourself from communication with the bank and suppliers You do not have to communicate with the bank and prove the purpose of buying currency. You will pay the suppliers on time.

What are the standard settlement terms in China?

We make 30% prepayment to the supplier after signing the contract. The rest of the amount is paid after the inspection of the goods before loading into the container. We undertake to carry out all payments under the contract.

Will it protect me from transferring money to scammers?

You are entering into an agreement with M3Cargo. Before each payment, we check the bank details specified in the invoice and the agreement, check the account holder, in which bank it is open, etc. If we fully conduct your transaction, then even before signing the contract, we conduct a detailed analysis of the supplier: we check the registration documents, visit the production or warehouse, study reviews about the company on the network. Thanks to such an integrated approach, you do not take risks when making a payment.