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Quality Factory Inspection in China

The distance from Shenzhen, China to Kyiv, Ukraine is over 7644 kms. So when you buy your goods in China, it is far to go to the factory in order to check the quality of your order. Of course, you can ask for a sample. And Chinese Seller can send it by post. If the sample corresponds to your request you can make the bigger order. But what if the goods you are ordering are very expensive? Or you have very special quality issues? What is the best way to buy in China and be absolutely sure? Let’s discuss it.
Quality Factory Inspection in China?

One of the most important tasks of any business is to manage quality risks. And this factor brings a lot of hesitations when you only start your business. Quality inspector usually visits the factory before shipment to verify that the product is ready to be sent, and totally matches your needs.

For different cargoes your task may vary. For example, you may order just Visual inspection (look for damages and defects). But for complex equipment or techniques the Buyer may order inspection that includes function tests, or/and label check, etc.

Of course, to provide a good quality control report, the quality inspector will take photos of product and labels, make drop tests, even water pressure test. Inspector will check the dimensions and measurements of packaging, as it may influence the final cost of delivery.

In order to make sure that you receive all answers, you should make the quality checklist that must specify all issues your inspector will check. you can add all reasonable factors to be checked. Good inspector can get almost all products to be inspected.

Why do I need quality inspections when importing from China?

First of all, inspection is held when you need to have all information about the product you buy. If there are problems with quantity, quality or any other issue you can apply to fix everything before shipment and final payment.

Also you save your time and money, as you don’t have to visit the factory in China or order the samples. Such inspection takes only 1 to 2 days. From our experience, we can say that after you choose your product, then wait while it is produced, then 35-45 day for shipment and you receive your cargo with damages, or loose parts, incorrect labels, incorrect designs, incorrect colours, you may be frustrated and disappointed.

Of course, the inspector should be qualified to check your products, that is why please choose a company that has a good reputation and you can trust.

China Pre Shipment Inspection Service

    It is important that your products are inspected before shipment!

  • Our inspection service covers biggest cities of China
  • Inspection can be scheduled even 24 hours in advance before inspection date (but better plan it 2-4 days in advance)
  • Inspector will follow your instructions and check everything you need
  • After inspection you get a detailed report with photos and videos of all tests
  • you feel safe and calmly wait for your order
  • Quality Inspection Quotation

    Please make sure that you fill the form correctly and give strict instruction for checking. Please provide the address of the factory or a place where cargo will be checked), contacts of a person from the factory's side. Also you have to provide a packing list and sometimes preliminary photos.

    Big lots are being checked randomly, when the inspector is free to choose an item. Usually it is 10% of all order. But you may vary and order more or less items to check.

    The average cost of inspection is 200 USD, this price depends on the volume, quantity and type of your product.