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History of creation

Creation history

Started on 1 March 2011 The M3Cargo project was launched on 1 March 2011. The specialists who created it, since 2005 worked in the field of foreign economic activity, engaged in delivery and customs clearance.

As we came to the opening of our own service, the founder of M3Cargo, Ivan Kadalenok told in the article How the company M3Cargo appeared. History of the founder. Since then, our team has been working every day to ensure that imports from China to Ukraine are simple and transparent.


Company creation

The main direction of work is consultations on foreign economic activity.

Customs brokerage services

Among the clients are large Ukrainian factories Linde Gas Ukraine, Messer, Oleina, Danieli Heavy Machinery.


The first international transport of goods has been organized.

Developing China

Contracts have been concluded with transport and commercial agents. First orders and deliveries for Ukrainian entrepreneurs.

Birth of the M3Cargo brand

The direction of cargo delivery from China is dynamically growing and becoming the main.

New routes

New routes from China have been opened through European ports in Koper, Gdansk and Constant.

Cargo storage

We create our own warehouses in Guangzhou for storage and distribution of customers' cargo.


A new direction has been opened - the delivery of parcels from 1 kg from China and the repurchase of small cargoes.


A new level of cargo control. Partnered with real-time delivery monitoring company RealTracking. We are starting to actively develop the direction of procurement in China for Ukraine.

Focus and Development

We are shifting the focus to work with Ukrainian entrepreneurs. Established a partnership with a wide range of purchasing agents in Yu, a major logistics city.

New project

The project «China is a raw resources country for Ukraine» will be launched. Deliveries of Chinese raw materials to Ukrainian producers on more favorable terms.

Inspection in China

Launched the «Goods Inspection» service, which every importer can afford. Average check is $ 180. More than 100 agents throughout China can check your cargo at the manufacturer’s factory.

Personal account

Implemented a personal account for clients. It is convenient to work with your cargoes, track their movement on the website and in Telegram