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Delivery of goods from China to Ukraine by sea

We deliver groupage cargo from China to Ukraine by sea
What is included in the service?

The service includes the transportation of goods from China to Ukraine as part of a modular container, as well as port and handling operations. We pick up your cargo from the supplier, bring it to the warehouse in the port, load it into a container, transport it by sea and deliver it to the customs in Kiev or Dnipro. If you order M3Cargo customs brokerage services, we will carry out customs clearance and send you the goods.

The easiest way to ship goods from China is to allow us to do everything from the first step to final.

What is groupage cargo (LCL, groupage container) and why they are profitable?

Many of our clients regularly order the transportation of small-sized cargo by sea, we have the opportunity to form groupage containers (LCL - Less Container Load) and carry cargo of different volumes in their composition. If you have small loads, you don’t need to rent an entire container and transport air: the price for delivery is distributed among several customers. You pay only for the amount of your cargo, not for a full container. Thus, by reducing the cost of transport services, you reduce the cost of production, which means you increase your margin. LCL sea shipping costs much less compared to other types of shipping.

Why should I choose sea transportation for import to Ukraine?

You will get direct opportunities to grow your business. Sea delivery is one of the most demanded. There are several explanations for this: low cost, no restrictions on weight and amount of cargo, you can place an order from several suppliers and consolidate it in the warehouse before shipment.

Container shipping with M3Cargo is safe and profitable. We will be happy to help you deliver goods, the import of which is allowed to the territory of Ukraine.

    We don't transport:

  • Weapons and drugs
  • Medicines
  • Paintings
  • Wristwatch
  • Plants and seedlings
  • Electronic devices related to work on the air
  • Flammable, explosive substances
  • Branded goods or copies of famous world brands
  • Chemistry and chemical components
  • Radioactive materials

How long will it take to deliver cargo by sea from China to Ukraine?

The average time of delivery of goods by sea from China to Ukraine is 50-65 days from the moment the goods reach our warehouse in China. To get the goods on time, plan your purchases 80 days in advance.

How long to wait for the LCL container to form?

The container is formed once a week, so you don't have to wait long for the cargo to go to Ukraine. M3Cargo takes care of large and small troubles for the formation of LCL-containers and delivery.

From which ports is the transportation organized?

We arrange shipping from Ningbo, Shenzhen and Yiwu ports. In the regions where these ports are located, there are large trading floors and a large number of industries. For example, in and around the city of Ningbo there are many factories of different directions: from textiles to sanitary ware. The manufacture and sale of electronics is popular in Shenzhen, and Yiwu has the largest wholesale market in the world where you can find absolutely everything.

The cost of transportation for 1m3 in a container?

On average, delivery of 1m3 costs up to 200 USD / m3. This amount does not include customs payments, which depend on the price, quantity and type of goods. The price includes delivery to your warehouse in Dnipro or Kiev. When ordering more than 4m3, the delivery cost is reduced. If you want to get the exact cost of transportation of your consignment, order a delivery calculation.

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